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I want a world full of Massu <3

Goodbye, uncle

Last thursday I got a news that my uncle went to hospital cos he fell down in the toilet, and he is quite old already. The next morning, early in the morning we got news that he just passed away..  (゚´Д`゚)゚
He is a good uncle and very friendly though he's not married, but he got a lot of brothers and friends that came and visit him.
Well, everything is settled already, may he rest in peace. 



Today, I hunt for a photos of birds, and I met 2 golden retriever . 1 named Chiko and the other named Jackie. Chiko is the youngest and he is soooo pervert!! keep on sniffing on my butt.. ヽ(`Д´)ノ WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT???

Here's some photos that looked interesting to my eyes..

Cactus Flower
Flower of Cactus
Clear Sky
Clear Sky
Shadow of birds
Bird leaves
Just passing
Just Passing By
Smiling Chiko
Deep of Flower
Deep of Flower
My Niece!
My little niece, she's so cute~ ♥

Out of no where, Shou messaged me through Facebook, he was saying
"Aunty Jessica
when are you coming to Sg again ?
I would like to invite you to a candle light dinner with me

MY EYES WERE AS BIG AS YOU CAN IMAGINE!! SOME MORE HE CALLED ME AUNTY! WHY ? I Only older than you by 1 age lee... щ(ಥДಥщ)
And he is serious about taking me out for dinner..so sudden. . . I don't know how I should be feeling now..
While I receive the message, my mind went blank, my heart dropped, and my hands are shaking...

He asked me to let him know when I'm in SG..
Shall see if I got my Kyary's ticket or not. coz she's going to have a concert on this coming May in Singapore... That's when i'll be going.. :D
follow by Jay Chou concert on June~ ♪(┌・。・)┌ so much happiness happening~ ♥

I hope you people who read my blog also have so much happiness~ Don't look at the negative side, keep looking at the bright side! ヾ(゚∀゚ゞ)

Yos, this is the end of my post today~
Ja nee~ Oyasuminasai~ ♥ ♥

Going to Singapore~

I have planned to go to Singapore on this Friday!!! I'm going to meet my friends there and will go shopping with them.. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
Well, the reason for me to go to SG is to bring back my stuff (again) but this time, I have packed my stuffs into boxes, so I just need to ship them by ship.. :D
Hope that the person can collect my stuff and reach to Medan safely and smoothly. Coz, you know people here in the Indonesia are TERRIBLE!! any stuff that's being shipped from overseas gonna be hold like... 1 week to 2 weeks. I hate them so much... ヽ(`Д´)ノ

Anyway, since I'll be going to Singapore, I will be SHOPPING~!! ヾ(゚∀゚ゞ)
I miss Lowrys Farm and Mark & Spencer!!! Their clothing are very cute and I can fit in them... Unlike here in Indonesia, the quality is bad, and got no size for me too!! ┐('~`;)┌

I will be going to Singapore to collect my stuff that I have bought from LJ too~ NEWS' stuff.. and Jay chou concert ticket!! YES! I WILL BE GOING FOR ANOTHER CONCERT!! (´ ▽`).。o♡
I'm so happy that I manage to find a ticket to go and watch Jay Chou, and this is a Solo concert!! I did asked a few of my friends, who wants to go and watch the concert with me, they did reply me asking when and where. The most weird one is... they ask me if I'm selling it / who's selling it.. though I did stated in my post that I'm searching for a friend to go with me... not me selling the ticket... THEY ASK FOR THE PRICE TOO!! AND I STATED IT IN MY POST CLEARLY!!! Y U NO READ?? щ(ಥДಥщ) Anyway, in the end nobody want to go and see it with me, coz of the price. Hello people, this is Jay Chou, and this is a SOLO concert and you are hopping for a cheap ticket?? (-‸ლ) Nevermind, I'm going by myself!

I have bought several NEWS' stuff from some LJ user, though some of it are pre-loved, but it's still in good condition so I'm okay with it. It's for adding up my NEWS collection.. hahahah soon, I'm going to open a room exhibition for NEWS (*/∇\*)

Lastly, I will be going to Golden Dragon in Chinatown! It's like.. AT LAST!! I CAN GO BUY MORE YARNS!!! (as if my yarns are not too many (*ノωノ) ) I like to collect yarns, pretty" yarns, soft color, smooth texture, and it is very easy to crochet / knit when it is a good quality yarn.. and it's not itchy...

Btw, I have been planting 2 pots of red beans.. well, I didn't plan to plant them, I wanted to make soup out of them but they have grow some roots. So, I just plant them... now they are growing healthily ... ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ It also amazed me that, the plant SLEEP!! YES! When it's night time, all the leaves are crumpled and looks like going to die but not! They are just sleeping!

Here's the progress of how my red bean has been growing so far  ♪(┌・。・)┌



That the end of my post~
Have a good day everyone~ (。・ω・。)ノ♡

Chinese New Year

Hello Everyone,
Today is Chinese New Year 2563. It is a tradition that we visit to our grandma, since our grandma has passed away few years ago, people who came has become lesser and lesser.. which makes me sad.. As time pass, most of my cousin got married and had babies.. Some even had 2 or 3 babies.. But today, I went to grandma house and only a few people are there, usually it's very crowded and very noisy, full of kids screaming and running. Today, few of my cousin who got married didn't show up, or should I say most of them didn't show up coz as previous years, I got a loooooot of red pockets from my cousin, this year I only got a few, not even from my cousin... D: did they purposely didn't show up so that they didn't need to give red pocket to us? After the 1st day of the new year has pass, they pretend that they forgot to give us the red pocket.. *probably*

Also, I met my cousin that I never met for many many years since his parent divorce & remarry another one. He is super silent, not a single word are said by him. He just focus on playing game. I know that since he's small, he rarely talk to people he don't know or adults and now is worse, not even talking to us who's the same age..

Anyway, today is CNY (Chinese New Year), so we must wear red!
Below is my OOTD...

I love my skirt a lot~ hehehe.. coz it got pattern that's unusual and my hat is a neko-hat... XDD

I didn't take picture with my cousins and I don't know why, I see many of my friends took picture with their cousins when they all gather, but in my family, we don't take picture... hmm.. So, I don't have any gathering photos...

Anyway, I'm glad that I can gather with my cousins.. though it's not complete..

Last but not least~! Happy Chinese New Year, here's my CNY card that I made... XD

Have a nice day everyone,
Enjoy the holiday and red pockets~
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

TOP is in the House!!!

I had this dream today!

As I remember, somehow T.O.P member of BigBang is staying in my house and 1 of his friend that got quite a sharp jaw shape line (which I never see his face before) , and not quite a smooth face as T.O.P has. *no offence but that's what I saw in my dream* So, he stayed in my house for few days to rest and relax on my sofa and chatted with his friend, I don't really remember that I talked to him in my house though or did I actually forgot that he did talked to me with his deep sexy voice? hmm... Anyway, He stayed for a few days and after that, T.O.P and his friend together with my family fly to Japan for another holiday.

When we reached Japan,it is night time and we are smacked in the middle of some famous location, it looks like Shibuya street. T.O.P directly got surrounded by his fans in Japan. When I looked up, I see some billboard that actually got the face of T.O.P's friend that I didn't know who he is. It is a promotion of some drama that is going to be aired in Japan.

I took last picture of T.O.P from quite a distance (a few fans in front of me to be exact) before I say goodbye to him and we split up. I wander around with my family, we reached a place that's not as crowded as the Shibuya area and we started to look for some restaurant for us to fill up our empty stomach. At first we reached on basement of a plaza, but there's a lot of unused yellow pole that's similar to the one on the street and it's kinda rotten on the below side of the iron.

We walk out again and it's raining quite heavily, lucky I bring my umbrella. We continue to walk along the street and we end up into some alley but there's quite a lot of people queuing, apparently they are queuing to go into a restaurant! I looked inside of the restaurant, it is like some kind of expensive, elegant and luxurious looking restaurant. It's a high class restaurant where the lights are hanged crystal lights and yellowish colour, the chairs are carved and covered with red color fabric. As I take queue number to go into the restaurant, I saw my mom has sat inside the restaurant while looking at the menu. Apparently she go into the restaurant from the kitchen side and manage to find an empty table but as soon as I saw my mom, the waitress asked my mom to take queue number. when we reached near the cashier counter, I saw a cockroach and I don't wanna eat at that restaurant anymore. At that moment, I heard a voice out of nowhere that says " food tasted the best when you feels that we are at home, doesn't matter how the place looks like"

After that, I woke up coz I remembered that T.O.P stayed in my house.

So, T.O.P's appearance looked like this :

His hair style is like this

Side view of T.O.P

The location when we are in Japan is this one :

In my dream it's exactly like this

That's all that I can remember..

All pictures are taken from the internet.

It's been confirm

Hi all,
As from my last post, I said that i'll be going to SG today.. So I'm suppose to be in Singapore by now... but well, because of my condition now, my dad won't allow me to go to Singapore while my mom has bough the ticket. So, my mom called me and said that it has been confirm that I'll be going to SG on this saturday with my mom. I also need to pack my stuff on my room.. need to clear out everything before they throw away all my stuff.. hahaha... ^^;; and another problem is how am I gonna take back all those big stuff.. huff.. by ship? by post office? but then it's gonna cost a lot... my dad's friend said if u wanna ship school stuff, u need to ask for a permission from don't know what department... I never heard that before so I'm not sure what to do now... I just hope that the post office can send back my stuff by ship.. though it might take few months... but at least it's gonna reach my home safely right? coz those stuff are my preciouse magazine of NEWS, some of my knitting stuff, and my art stuff... huff... I hope I can get my solution soon.

Also, Shou posted a picture on his twitter and facebook... and it's the bear that I gave to him on AFA festival.. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) Though the title of the post is "beary is stuck between trash" LOL... I wonder why his desk got so much trash... *though I'm about the same, my desk is full of stuff... hahahaha.. * well, I'm happy that he still keep the stuff that I gave to him.... (ノ>▽<。)ノ Shou-kun, please take good care of the bear bear okay... (⌒▽⌒ゞ

Ohya! NEWS is gonna realease NEWS' concert DVD.. there's 2 version... 1 is Limited Edition and the other one is Regular Edition.. well, I'm more interested with their Limited Edition for somehow, though the RE got surprise appearance for Chankaapana but yet i'm not interested with it LOL. So, I will be getting LE instead of both and I can use my point that's going to expired soon. It's going to be release on 30th of January! I can't wait for it to be release and I also can't wait for my NEWS' World Quest to reach my home!! How long is it going to reach here.. my god.. can't wait... really.. ughh.. </span>

That's it for now,
I'll post again sometime, here I give u both of my lovely and handsome husbands ♥
Aren't that they looks so good in Yukata? ♥w♥

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Today is the release day for NEWS cd... The World Quest!! But I haven't received mine yet.. I will patiently wait for mine to arrive..

And today is so called the good day.. Because today is 12 December (12) 2012 and because of that, there's a lot of people who got married and wedding ceremony.. which is also coz most of the restaurant is reserved for the wedding invitation..

As for me.. Today I go and see the doctor because my back ache so much when I bend down... the doctor asked the nurse to take my blood and check it.. And it is very painful.. ( ;´Д`)
The doctor also check my heart.. And the result is quite okay, accept that my nerve got some swelling.. Quite a huge swelling.. The normal one is 10 - 20 and mine is 200 ... Σ(゚д゚lll)

Oh well.. Tomorrow I'm going to Singapore and gonna come back on Monday.. ^^;; need to see doctor again when i come back... *sigh* everything gonna be ok right? (´Д` )

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2NE1 Concert!!

At last, I went for 2NE1 concert!! It is super fun and exciting!!
I wore all black with spiked headband and glow in the dark hand skeleton that I painted it myself...

I'm Ready for 2NE1 Concert!! woohoo!!
I reached at the stadium about 7.00pm and it's quite delay but it's okay.. Coz I just sat down too... :D I was expecting that the standing pit would be more crowded, but no.. It's quite empty compare to BigBang's one...

The people inside and the stage
middle of the concert
Fans are crazy!!
2NE1 fashion is so amazing... Especially minzy's jacket, I love it very much... It's bright pink and furry and there's dolls on the sleeves...

I love her furry Pink jacket and Boom's dress is... kinda weird

When Dara perform kiss, 1 lucky fanboy got called up to the stage and Dara sat on his laps and kissed him!! All the fans went crazy and say "nooooooooooo!!!!" some say "kyaaaaaaaaa!!!" then, CL did some DJing too..

But, after I went for BigBang concert, I don't feel as excited as I attend BigBang's concert... Probably they are girls...

CL is Dj-ing

Fans that sat beside me is a girl and a guy.. The girl probably from Thai, she scream so loud till my ears are pain!! And the guy who sat beside me is very calm.. Didn't shout as much as the girl.. Oh! And the girl sang HORRIBLY!! The songs are ruined by her voice... *cry*

Also, before the show start, the guy beside me ate cheese and ham sandwich and he offered it to me!! It's the 1st time that a stranger want to share their food with me... I'm quite shocked...
Photos below are taken from Internet... Credits are stated on the photos.. So , all photos below and some above are not mine...

Dara, Love her hair
They are wearing cheerleader's costume
This is the most awesome
Love the light
Minzy, back stage
I don't care
Minzy on Encore

She looks so Cool~

End of the Show
Thank you 2NE1 for the amazing show.. I will attend again when I got the chance...
With this, it will be my 4th time attending concert!! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

4th Dec, 2012


Last time one thursday, my friend asked me out to accompany her to watch fashion show which is French thing.. Both male fashion and female... The male fashion is so cool too!! I recorded the show, I will upload it to YouTube and post it again to my blog... :D

Thomas Wee Fashion Show

Me and Stevia

The awesome dress that's being exhibit, the right one got dragon sleves

The view inside of the building

It is my 2nd time to attend fashion show and this is like a big event with red carpet and paparazi... I feels that I'm an additional unimportant person attending the show... To get the ticket, we must pay quite expensive fee but since my friend's lecture is working as staff, so we got in for free.. Hahahha.. Everyone who attended the show wore quite fashion stuff, such as the guy who wore high heels with studs and gold colour... It is very amusing.. But there are some people who act like never see it before...

The awesome guy with some studded high heels

I forgot to mention that the decoration of the stage door is so amusing! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ and the male model is sooo handsome too!!

The decoration

The stage door

Handsome models

Also, I saw a handsome Japanese man.. He looks a lot like Blue ranger!! (^O^☆♪ it is very exciting!! And he is soooooo tall!! And I passed by him and he's so good looking... Fufufufufu....

The good looking one that's looked like Blue ranger

We are in marina bay sands area and the weather is perfect too! So I took some picture...

View on the outside of the area

Marina Bay Sands

After the show, I went to sengkang to meet a person who sell news shopphotos... So we meet at the mall there.. And after I got my photos, we went to the timezone and play some game... Hahaha.. It's quite fun..

Massu and Yamapi shop photo

It is a very Fun day.. :D

Thank you so much for inviting me and accompany me, stevia... (^∇^)


Me and Stevia

Perfume Concert!!!

Today, I went to PERFUME Concert!!! o(^▽^)o
I got my ticket from my room mate's friends... And she won the balloting for the VIP.... And she got her own tix already... So I bought it from her.. And it's a sudden plan to go to PERFUME concert.... (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

So I start queuing for merchandise with my friend from 1.30pm while the merchandise will be open at 3pm... So we wait and wait and wait... Until another friend come and she meet her other friend, and in the end we ask her friend to buy the stuff that we want... I bought their CD... And it's SGD21.. :D

After that, we go round the flee market that's being held on every weekend... And I bought a studded headband... And my friend bough it too but cheaper than mine by 2 dollars... Well, it's only a free market so I don't think of it too much... Hahaha...

Then, we start queuing to go to the concert hall at 5pm... And we are sitting on a open space like a play area... Under the sun... Well, our place doesn't have shades so it's okay.. And it's quite windy too.. But the floor is soooo hot,, I feel that my butt is being cooked by the floor!!!! My tix number is at the last roll of the VIP.. And my friends are on the 2nd line... :( their number is 009* something".. And mine is 0460... (´Д` ) it's so far away with them... So I sit alone and knit... While enjoying the nice view of the sky....

And, the people behind me are all those Indonesian fanboys... And they are quite scary... :(( but I nvr speak to them coz they are all boys... So I just silently sit there and listen to their Convo and looking at the sky... :D
It is quite enjoyable... And sometimes, my friends visited me...

It is very fun and there are laser and holograms every songs!!! And the fans are crazy, most of them jump from the start of the concert till the end of the concert!!! Light sticks are not allowed, so I don't really know what I should do inside the concert.... :/ so I just stand around and copy people what they are doing.. Hahahaah.... But the problem is, people that stands in front of me are super tall!!!! And there is a guy from Malaysia... Keep on jumping and jumping like there's no tomorrow... And he's sweating so it's sticky.. Sometimes his hand touched me... DDDDD: I don't like it at all!!! And my feet also hurts a lot coz I've been standing since morning around 11am...?

Ooh!! OHH!! And there's this exhibition on the play area... It is a hologram of perfume singing and dancing inside!! It is exciting too!!!

After the concert, we went to shokudo and had a late dinner.... I had a chicken katsu spaghetti with cream sauce and also macha kakigori... :9

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